Following your initial request, we will put you in direct contact with a professional energy cost reduction consultant and advisor, who will analyze your unique situation in terms of making the switch to new energy solutions. After analyzing your electric bill data, a completed facility evaluation form and facility lighting survey, we will visit your plant manager or engineer to review our comprehensive Energy Cost Savings Analysis. Upon modeling your facility and analyzing the best-possible configuration of lights in terms of energy efficiency, we’ll be able to accurately represent your annual energy savings.

As a dedicated environmental steward, we’ll show you how the switch to LED and other energy solutions can require half or even a third of the energy, helping you meet sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint. Since we’re also devoted to saving you money, Global Green Corporation will identify all available public utility incentives and federal tax deductions, to save you the maximum amount on initial expenditure.

Our complementary, no-obligation facility energy audit will provide you will all the information, figures and available options, so we can help you to determine your best plan of action. If the monetary and environmental results fit well with your company, we can quickly and efficiently move forward.


An energy auditing company that excels in the analysis of energy use and offers solutions to decrease your energy bills, Global Green Corporation is driven by results. A shift to new energy solutions can initially be intimidating in terms of cost, but we will sift through every facet of your situation, focusing on your potential return on investment.

We know that as competition increases, you’ve got to both stay competitive and cut costs. As a supplier of products throughout the world, we’ll deliver the results and products you need, ultimately saving 60 to 70 percent on industrial lighting bills.

After switching, along with dramatically decreased energy bills, you’ll enjoy decreased bulb replacement and maintenance. For example, the lifespan of LED bulbs is five times longer than that of metal halide. That means a decreased need for new bulbs, and for rental equipment when accessing hard-to-access lamps. Your new lights will contribute to greater acuity for product identification, and a better work environment for employees.