Now that spring is here and we are moving into the warmth of summer, the advantage of LED lighting becomes very apparent. LED’s produce less heat than traditional lighting with HID’s or Fluorescents. This is one hidden cost factor that most do not consider when considering new lighting systems, the AC system has to counter balance the heat produced by the lights and the weather.

Plants with 400 watt or 1000 watt metal halides or high pressure sodium, this unseen cost factor can really add to the utility bill. To quantify this savings, we must use the HVAC savings coefficient.

In determining this HVAC energy savings coefficient, we multiply the cooling season by the load of the lighting heat on the system (0.9) and the cooling systems coefficient of performance (2.7). Then multiply this coefficient by the difference in the lighting bill to see the additional amount saved by upgrading to efficient lighting.

In Michigan, the coefficient is only 0.11, so for every $1,000, the owner will save 110 due to reduce load on the AC system. In our southern states, Texas for example which has the AC on year around, the coefficient is 0.33; therefore on every $1000, they will save an additional $330 due to reduce load on the AC system.

Global Green has numerous LED products for facility owners looking to upgrade to a more modern, appealing light. Global Green has interior lights, warehouse, plant high bays, parking lots and area light fixtures to choose from. Each of these light fixtures will help the owner save on their utility bill. We can put together a custom developed return on investment report for a facility owner that takes into account the HVAC savings, rebates, installation and more. Contact us for additional information.