IES (ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY) publishes two new LED standards for indoor and outdoor lighting. Lighting for exterior environments (RP-3314) and lighting for parking facilities (RP-33-14) which helps focus upon safety standards and new lighting levels. (LED magazine, 2/11/15)

GE supplies more than 1700 Seven-Eleven stores with LED retrofit lighting in Asia. (LED magazine, 2/10/2015)

Global Green installed new GAMA high bay lights, 700mA 120watt LEDs with 120 degree optic lens that replaced 400w metal halides at a ceiling height of 20’ warehouse that resulted in a 74% energy savings and provided 168% increase in lighting illumination on the work plane. The LED high bay fixtures are rated L70>100,000 hours. Over the course of ten years, the LED high bay is expected to reduce the operating cost per fixture by $……………… In most instances with our LED fixtures prices, the payback is less than two years.

LED light sources now provide superior lumen output in our ALFA, GAMA, BRIGHT, AURORA and FIND LED fixtures enabling an energy efficient long lasting, almost maintenance free alternative to the metal halide, said Global Green Corporation president, Doug Benit.  Our LED High Bay, Wall Pack, Area, or Flood fixtures use only about 26% of the energy as its metal halide equivalent while providing all the benefits of LED.

Compared with metal halide, LED is a long lasting, energy efficient solution that requires minimal maintenance, and has high color rendering (CRI) of 70+. With higher CRI, Kevin and directed optics the LED high bay fixture will appear to emit more light than the 400w metal halide. These LED fixtures have on/off capabilities, microwave motion sensors, daylight harvesting, and smart energy management systems available as options.

Strategies in Light printed in Ledsmagazine (February 2015) talked about energy management systems where the light fixtures within a building would be managed through a central software program to dim, turn off or on, etc. This article was written by Tom Griffiths and its abilities will be featured at the LED show at Las Vegas in February, 2015. “It wasn’t pointed out in this article but fluorescent fixture has been using this type of system for years”, said Doug Benit, President of Global Green Corporation. “We have installed some smart systems for exterior LEDs in 2014, so it has been around and is now being fine-tuned for the LED fixtures.” This is really something that companies and public agencies should take a close look at for potential of another 30-50% in energy savings through its management.

GLOBAL GREEN expects to see almost double the use of leds in 2015 compared to 2014 as the public is becoming more aware of its benefits and energy efficiency. Corporate management will continue to look for ways to save money and will soon realize that this is a reasonable money saving project that will realize profits to the bottom line for years to come. The prices of leds will continue to drop as the usage and demand increases.